If you like jsFiddle then you should definitely try Codepen. I am now a Codepen convert for the reasons listed.

Reasons why Codepen is better than jsFiddle

  • The most awesome feature on Codepen is live update . No need to save and reload unlike jsFiddle

  • Another awesome feature on Codepen - Compiled preview for both CoffeScript and SCSS. See below:

Codepen Preview

  • More options for markup, apart from HTML

HTML Options Codepen

  • Fully SCSS compliant. jsFiddle fails to compile SCSS when I added this:
    content: ">";
  • Complete error description for SCSS unlike jsFiddle, which silently fails and you have to dig with your browser inspector tool.

jsFiddle SCSS Error jsFiddle Error - Silently renders scss as css and just adds an error message in the beginning of the file

Codepen SCSS Error Codepen Error - Matching line number and error description

  • For CoffeeScript, Codepen shows you a similar error banner like the scss error but does not show any details. This is atleast better than jsFiddle which fails silently

  • The UI is your preference, but I had no problems switching from jsFiddle to Codepen.

Cool Codepens

This is a simulator I created for the problem:

N Rumors

There are n people, each in possession of a different rumor. They want to share the news with each other by sending electronic messages. What is the minimum number of messages they need to send to guarantee that everyone of them gets all the rumors? Assume that a sender includes all the rumors he or she knows at the time the message is sent and that a message may only have one addressee.

Each cell in the simulator has the person number in blue and number of rumors with the person in green. If a person is sending out a message his cell becomes pink and the cells for people receiving the message are green. Full code here. Works in Chrome and Firefox.

Check out this Pen!

Much more impressive codepens:

You will find many more cool codepens on their homepage. Happy Codepenning :)

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